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Create  Professional Business Email Quickly and Easily

We have been providing a dedicated email server  to our small business website customers, for well over 10 years and due to extra demand for a reliable, private and secure business email service, we have expanded and refined our email offering to be better value and more flexible.

Smart Mail offers easy to set up professional email addresses using your own domain name with a simple email management interface for email administrators. You can easily add more storage or more accounts to your package and manage any email address in your account.

If you have multiple email domains, they can be managed from the one admin interface.

Holiday Special - Three Months Free

To celebrate the holiday season here in Australia, we are offering three months free for all new accounts.

By simply going through the purchase process, you will be given a 15 month subscription for the initial annual fee.

Future annual subscription periods will commence at the end of the 15 month period.

Set Up and Manage Email Addresses

You can now purchase and self manage your professional email accounts through our Smart Mail platform.

As we receive payment your payment you get full access to our Smart Mail Admin panel to finalise your account set up.

You then just need to make your DNS changes to point your domain name to our systems and the account will start working (allowing time for DNS propagation)

We will provide all the information and support your need to get up and running ASAP.

We're a Little Different

Our offer is a little different to other email hosting providers in that we allow you to determine your email storage allocations for each email address. You can add more cloud storage space at any time.

Once you get  a base plan you can add extra storage and mailboxes at any time or simply upgrade to a bigger plan.

We support multiple domain names being redirected into your current accounts via aliases. This is limited only by the number of aliases you have available to you.

We offer personalised support from our technical experts, so that your email experience is as trouble free as it can possibly be.

Browse the Smart Mail Email Hosting options and pricing here.

Please click here to view our email domain DNS settings

Quick Summary

Business Email Hosting Features

Our company email hosting packages and options have the following features:

  • All connections secured by 256 bit encryption
  • Full SMTP delivery service
  • Full suite of anti spam and anti virus measures
    • ClamAV
    • Spam Assassin
    • Amavis
    • Postscreen DNSBL checking
    • Custom filters
  • SD box storage format for efficient attachment storage - each unique document is stored only once per domain saving significant space
  • Flexible and powerful webmail options
    • Roundcube Mail
    • SOGo Mail
  • POP3 IMAP and ActiveSync email protocols supported
  • Connect using any popular email app on desktop, tablet or mobile
  • CalDav and CardDav supported
  • Easy email account management with our secure Smart Mail Admin program
    • Add/Manage email addresses
    • Create email aliases
    • Manage storage for each address
    • Assign admin rights to selected accounts
  • Full daily and weekly backups onsite for the entire system
  • Additional daily offsite backups for all user data
  • Full open source platform
    • Nginx web server
    • Dovecot primary email server
    • Postfix MTA
    • Amavis anti spam anti virus  tools
    • SpamAssasin
    • ClamAV
    • SOGo Groupware
    • RoundCube Mail
    • Postscreen DNSBL filtering
  • All hosted on RAID hardware
  • We use only the very best service providers for the Smart Mail email platform
  • Full phone and email support

Privacy and Security Our Priorities

No emails or accounts are subject to monitoring (please note our terms of service) and all transfers use 256 bit encryption technology. Your privacy is assured.

We do not monitor email content in any way.

We back up daily on high availability servers as well as additionally backing up user data offsite in cloud storage, daily.

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