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Create and Manage Email Accounts

In Smart Mail Admin you can add email accounts up to your plan's maximum and assign space for each account according to need up to the plan maximum.

Log in to Smart Mail Admin and navigate to My Email Accounts

  • Multi domain administrators need to ensure they are viewing the correct domain
  • Enter through My Domains > Manage Icon (selected domain)

New Mailbox

If you have any email addresses left in your quota, click the + (plus) icon on the left near the top

You must fill out the following fields

  • Email address (the text before the @ symbol only)
  • The account quota in MB
    • Please note that the unassigned storage is displayed just under the New Mailbox title
  • Name
  • If you want this account to be an administrator for the domain tick the Admin box
  • New Password Only
  • Confirm Password (repeat the original password)
    • Please note that you need to place at least one number and one letter in the password
    • Do not use an easily guessed password
  • Each account may have a different space allocation.
  • When you have completed the form click the Save Mailbox icon
  • Check that the Process Message indicates success.

Update Mailbox

  • Go to My Domains > Edit Mailbox (Pencil Icon) - selected email address
  • On the first line you can change the following as required
    • Quota
    • Name
    • Admin status
  • Click on the Update Mailbox icon to update the record

Manage the Password

On the second line you can either check the password or reset the password

  • To reset the password, insert the same password into the two fields and click the Update Password icon
  • To check to see if the password is correct, insert the password into the New Password Only field and click the Check Password (beaker) icon
    • The current password cannot be shown as it is stored in encrypted form which cannot be reconverted to plain text

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