Create and Manage Alias Addresses

You can create email aliases (or redirected email accounts) up to the maximum allowable in your plan.

In Smart Mail Admin you can add email aliases up to your plan's maximum. There is no space allocation for an email alias as there is no actual account.

Log in to Smart Mail Admin and navigate to My Email Aliases

  • Multi domain administrators need to ensure they are viewing the correct domain
  • Enter through My Domains > Manage Icon (selected domain)

Create an Email Alias (or email redirect)

  • Click on the My Email Aliases top menu item
  • Click on the Add Alias icon
  • Put in the full email address of the alias then give it a name
  • Select where you want the alias to be redirected towards
  • It may be one of your other addresses on the same domain or another email address completely
  • Click on the Save Aliasicon once you have finished

Your alias has been saved.

You should check to make sure any emails sent to the alias address get redirected to the address you recorded as the target address

If you send emails from the targeted address with the from address as the alias, make sure you have the ip address of your targeted address as a qualified ip in the dns spf record

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