What is an Email Alias?

Smart Mail allows email administrators to create a limited number of email aliases to their selected plan.

Email Alias Explained

An email alias, sometimes called an email redirect is a record in a mail server which redirects a nominated email address to another email address hosted on the server.

No emails are stored in the alias account, however the alias address must be supported by the correct DNS.

The domain to which the alias belongs must have its MX records pointed to our mailservers for the alias to work.

This domain does not need to be the same domain as the target address, although it can be.

One alias can be pointed to multiple email addresses if necessary.

How to Configure an Alias in Smart Mail Admin

After logging in to Smart Mail Admin

  • Ensure you are under the correct domain session (for multi domian administrators)
    • Do this by clicking My Domains > Manage (Icon) for the selected domain
  • Click My Email Aliases > New Alias (Plus Icon)
  • Insert the full email address you want redirected into the Alias Email Address field and the Name of the account into the Name field
  • Select the  address you want all emails to go to from the Goes To... drop down list
  • Save the new record by clicking the Save Icon
  • Make sure the feedback from the saving process shows a Success message
  • You will need to return to the My Email Alias listing to create another new alias
  • You should check the record by sending (or having someone else send) an email to the alias address from a completely unrelated email account.

DNS Values

For the Email Alias to work the domain zone record of the alias should be pointer to Smart Mail using the same settings as your main account.

If the alias domain and the target domain are the same, there is no need to do anything further.

Here are the Settings:


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