Out of Office Auto Responder and More

Smart Mail gives account holders the ability to set up filters which respond to incoming mail, through Roundcube  filtering.

This includes the ability to autorespond to all emails with a defined response as is the case with Out Of Office notices.

How to set up a Roundcube Filter

Navigate to the Webmail interface at https://webmail.smartmail.email

Login using your email address (as username) and email account password

Click on the Settings icon in the top right of your Roundcube  Mail screen

Click on the Filters item in the Settings menu

Either select from an item in the Filter Sets listing (if there are items) or click the Plus icon at the bottom of the listing area

If managesieve is in the Filter Set you should use that

From there you can create any filter and activate

Setting up an Out Of Office Response

There may already be a Vacation filter available, if so you can edit that

It is likely that it will be slightly greyed out to indicate that it is not active.

  • Click on the Vacation filter or click the Plus icon to create a new one
  • The Filter needs to have the following characteristics
    • For incoming mail section should have all messages selected
    • ...execute the following actions should have Reply with message selected
    • You should fill out all the fields in this section as required
    • When ready, you need to activate the filter by deselecting the Filter disabled tick box
    • Click the Save button to update/save any changes
      • You should test the filter by sending an email from another account or get a friend or colleague to do so
      • Adjust and Save as required
  • Please remember to disable the filter when you come back to work
  • The filter does not prevent you from responding to any email in the normal way

Create Other Filters

You can create an unlimited number of filters using the same method.

If setting up filters that deal with spam, you should not bounce the emails - it only compounds the problem of email traffic

Spammers are not concerned with bounces - the bounce may even bounce right back to you again.

Delete the emails or send them to junk depending on how sure you are that you are catching real spam or other unwanted emails




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