Smart Mail Terms Of Service

Smart Mail is a business email hosting provider which operates an independant email hosting service based wholly on open source software.

We routinely update and modify software according to the latest notifications and trends in an effort to maintain the most reliable and efficient system keeping your privacy as a central concern at all times.

What we will do.

We will ensure that the email hosting platform is kept up to date in a timely and reliable way. This means that updates will oonly be installed when we believe that it is prudent to do so.

We will maintain both onsite and offsite backups of all data to mitigate against catastrophic data loss.

We guarantee to maintain up time (not including scheduled servicing and maintenance) at a minimum 99.9%. If in any month it drops below that figure, we will add another month on to your subscription.

All of our systems are monitored by professional monitoring services on a minute by minute basis, from multiple locations.

What we cannot do

Although we take every care and precaution to mitigate data loss and ensure email deliverability, we cannot be help responsible for events beyond our absolute control.

Individual delivery of any email is a complex process, which cannot be guaranteed for a host of reasons.

What you must do

You must maintain your contact details so that they are up to date, so that contact can be made in a timely way.

You must pay accounts on time to ensure continuity of service. We cannot be responsible for situations where an account has been suspended because sent account have not reached their destination.

If, for any reason you believe that emails are not being properly delivered, you must advise Smart Mail support immediately. We take delivery of emails very seriously and will investigate, as a matter of priority, instances of failed delivery.

What you must not do

Whilst we never monitor emails, Smart Mail cannot be used for businesses or organisations where its primary goal or important function is to promote hate or terrorism or any other criminal activity.

Any account which breaches this condition will be closed immediately without refund.

Spamming through any Smartmail account is expressly forbidden. The use of any account to send spam will result in the account being closed without refund.

Smart Mail maintains the right to close accounts where we believe we have reasonable grounds to do so.

These terms may be updated without notice.

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