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Smart Mail has a cost effective Email solution for SME's that is private, secure, reliable and completely ad free.

We use only battle hardened Open Source software on our cloud based servers, with absolutely no monitoring of accounts.

The content of your emails is yours and yours alone.

We never sell or trade any of your details and the only time we contact you is for the purpose of maintaining your account.

Holiday Special - 3 Months Free

To celebrate the holiday season here in Australia, we are offering three months free for all new accounts.

By simply going through the purchase process, you will be given a 15 month subscription for the initial annual fee.

Future annual subscription periods will commence at the end of the 15 month period.

Business Email Options

Professional Business Email

Our plans start from

au$24.00 p.a.*

Bonus 3 Months for all New Accounts

Up to 2 email address

Up to 2 Email aliases

2 GB Storage

Free Data Transfer**

Use your own domain name

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Additional Storage

From as little as

au$3.60 per GB p.a.*

Bonus 3 Months for all New Accounts

Plenty of storage options

Upgrade any time.

Extra storage from 5GB to 100GB

Efficient document handling

Extra mailboxes available

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Secure Connections Only

Smart Mail only permits encrytped connections to our mailservers meaning that it is not possible to listen to to either the authentication process or email contents whilst it is in the Smart Mail mailsystem.

This alos means that emails between your domain's mailboxes will always be transported on secure connections.

Reliable Operating and Delivery of Emails

Smart Mail uses a full Open Source suite of software to help handle and deliver your important business emails.

Open Source systems typically are improved over numerous iterations of ideas by the world's experts in their fields, with the ultimate goal of making the best software possible.

We use the most popular and effective mail transfer agents (MTAs) accessible through all the major mail protocols

  • IMAP
  • POP3
  • Exchange ActiveSync

We also effectively deal with spam by a range of strategies and solutions which help bring the enormous amount of spam out there (approx 85% of all email) down to virtually nil.

  • Bayesean filters
  • DBNSL Checks
  • Graylisting
  • Anti-virus checks
  • DKIM
  • PTF

* All plans are paid annually in advance. Does not include GST for Australian customers

** Subject to system compatibility

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